World Prematurity Day 2022

Since 2011, November 17 has been recognized as World Prematurity Day in order to give visibility to this problem, raise awareness of the needs and rights of premature babies and their families, raise awareness of the importance of experience and quality care from the health system and, thus, advance policies that guarantee the full rights of both babies and families.

Skin-to-skin contact has proven to be an extremely beneficial and effective practice, especially important in the case of premature babies. Initiated immediately after birth, its practice contributes to the initiation and sustaining of breastfeeding, favors the stabilization of vital parameters such as heart rate and blood glucose levels, and helps the establishment of a healthy microbiota, aspects of importance both in the process of adaptation to extrauterine life after birth and in the medium and long term. It also aids relaxation and deep sleep. As long as clinical stability allows, skin-to-skin contact in premature infants is essential for a healthy and sensitive experience.

It is essential that healthcare teams are aware of the available evidence about the multiple benefits of this practice for the baby and for the families, and that they commit to and promote the right conditions for skin-to-skin care to be given optimally.

Likewise, it is necessary to continue working with families to accompany and guide them in the appropriate care for babies born prematurely.


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