Hospital Management Team

Holy Family Hospital is a CHAG facility owned by catholic Diocese of Sunyani. The Diocesan Health Service Board serves as the governing body with the diocesan bishop as the appointing authority. The Hospital Management Team (HMT) headed by the Hospital Administrator, who is responsible for the day-to-day administration of the hospital with respect to resource allocation, budgetary control, planning, and evaluation and monitoring.

The HMT ensures efficient service delivery and effective governance of the Hospital. HMT reports to the Diocesan Health Service board through the Diocesan Health Service Director. 

Below are the HMT Members:

Rev. Sr. Reena V. John

Dr. (Med) Frank Enoch Gyamfi

Rev. Sr. Judith B. Magbity

(Hospital Administrator)
(Medical Director)
(Nursing Administrator)

Dr. (Med) Samuel T. Salamat

Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Wajar

Mr. Peter Quaque

(Director-PG Training)
(Hospital Chaplain)
(Human Resource Manager)

Mr. Prince Danso

Dr. (Med) Martin K. Attu

(Head of Accounts & Finance)
(HMT Adviser)