Driving Healthcare Excellence: Holy Family Hospital, Berekum 2023 Annual Performance Review

Holy Family Hospital, Berekum in the Bono region recently conducted its annual performance review for the year 2023 on March 5th, 2024, at its general hall.

Reverend Sister Reena V John, the hospital’s administrator, expressed heartfelt appreciation to the diligent staff for their unwavering dedication and hard work in achieving the hospital’s objectives.

During the presentation of the hospital’s accomplishments, Dr. Frank Gyamfi highlighted significant strides made towards enhancing healthcare services in Berekum municipality and beyond. Efforts to reduce motorcycle accidents, which had claimed lives, were notably successful due to stakeholder engagement and public education campaigns.

The rising cases of hypertension, heart diseases, and stroke were identified as pressing concerns, prompting the hospital to intensify efforts to address them effectively and save lives. Moreover, the introduction of new specialist care and advanced equipment aimed at detecting, treating, and preventing diseases received commendation for its potential to prevent premature deaths in the community.

The hospital’s elevation to secondary health status, akin to a regional hospital, marked a significant milestone, ensuring the availability of essential specialists for comprehensive healthcare delivery. Notable achievements, including construction projects, equipment acquisitions, and successful health events, were celebrated during the review.

Reverend Sister Reena V John’s exemplary leadership earned her recognition as the Best Administrator of 2023, while Dr. Martin Attu was honored with the title of Best Medical Director. Eric Sarpong and Hamsu N. Tabey were also acknowledged for their outstanding contributions in respective categories.

In conclusion, Reverend Sister Reena V John appealed to the public for continued support in fulfilling the hospital’s mandate of delivering quality healthcare services to Berekum and its environs.

Credit: berekumcity.com

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