Christmas is here again! It is the time of the year to show love, share joy and extend peace in and around us. It is also the appropriate season to reflect upon God’s marvelous hand in and through us and our hospital.  

The year 2023 has been a unique period in the Holy Family Hospital Berekum.  It has brought several challenges and also tremendous achievements and successes. None of these could have been accomplished without the passionate commitment and persistent perseverance of our staff.

We have experienced tremendous blessings personally and professionally. We have also consented gracefully to disseminate cheerfully the same blessings among our family, friends and our patients in the wholesome process of care giving. We are grateful to God for choosing us to be His instruments to make Holy Family Hospital a home of hope and healing.

Our great and brilliant teams at each department demonstrated such refined skills and ingrained dedication! You stood by our patients who were battling for life as angels of consolation, and with your empathetic presence most of them were able to brave it up. You smiled while caressing the new born and sobbed with those who lost their relatives. You did it valiantly working through diligent days and watchful nights.  No matter how tough the work has been, you persistently prevailed. Your compassionate approach brought smiles on their faces even in the midst of pain and gloom. You are the reason for the enormous growth and incredible success of this facility. Your strenuous efforts shaped the facility to be the RESILIANT HOLY FAMILY HOSPITAL.

So I am pleased to assure you that all your seamless services are gratefully acknowledged and honestly appreciated.

May the blessings of the season enkindle Christ’s compassion in you and may the peace of our Saviour reign in your heart and in your families.

Wish you a God filled Christmas and a grace filled New Year 2024.

Sr. Reena Vadakkeparambil John

Hospital Administrator

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